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Canadian Ossetians struggled to swallow the article entitled “Russian troops in no rush to go” written in the Toronto Star


The Georgian aggression against South Ossetia

For the last two weeks, we had all gotten used to the American, and some other media bias in their reports about the state of South Ossetia. There is no need to describe all the false information spread by the western media in the past couple of weeks; however, it is undeniable that it was widely condemned by the civilians of South Ossetia. A single fact can tell you everything: during the first three days of the war, when major war crimes were being committed towards Ossetian civilians, there were no western journalists located on South Ossetian territory; they all were covering the war from the Georgian side.




The Georgian aggression against South Ossetia

At midnight on August 7th to the 8th, the most feared and anticipated (by both Ossetians and Georgian civilians) took place in South Ossetia. Only a few hours after the Georgian President, Mikhael Saakashvili, officially announced that all fire would be seized in the name of the Olympics and world peace, Georgian troops began a wide spread attack on all of South Ossetia. The Georgian troops concentrated their forces on the capital city Tskhinvali, using all possible forms of force (including warplanes, tanks, mortar rockets “GRAD” and artillery) to fire at innocent civilians in apartment complexes and suburban areas.

The Georgian government has made their point clear- To teach Ossetains a lesson and to force them to leave the de facto independent Republic of South Ossetian. The chauvinistic Georgian government claims that they are a democratic country and that they represent freedom, but have in reality proceeded to start a bloody genocide on innocent Ossetian children, woman and elderly civilians. On top of this, innocent Georgian citizens of the surrounding villages have found themselves in the middle of all this crossfire and are being hostages of their own government.


Death toll in South Ossetia reaches 2,000


The Georgian aggression against South Ossetia

At least 2,000 people, including many children, have been killed since Georgia launched a military offensive against its breakaway republic of South Ossetia. That's according to Russia's Ambassador in Tbilisi. Meanwhile, Russian efforts to help thousands of war refugees and those still trapped in the conflict zone are in full swing.

The chief of Russia's ground forces says Georgian shelling has destroyed all the hospitals in the South Ossetian captial, Tskhinvali.
It's also reported that more than ten border villages have been burnt to the ground.


Georgia is guilty of genocide - Medvedev


The Georgian aggression against South Ossetia

President Dmitry Medvedev has described Georgia's actions in the conflict zone as genocide. He has ordered Russian prosecutors to collect evidence of the crimes committed there.


Georgian troops in S.Ossetia surrendering


The Georgian aggression against South Ossetia

MOSCOW, August 11 (RIA Novosti) - Georgian troops have been surrounded in South Ossetia and are giving themselves up, a senior Russian military official said on Monday.

"Russian troops are currently disarming the surrounded Georgian forces in South Ossetia," Col. Gen. Anatoly Nagovitsyn, deputy head of the General Staff, told a news conference.
Russian troops are currently forcing all Georgian troops out of Georgian-populated villages in the east and west of the breakaway region, he said.


U.S. military aircraft bring 800 Georgian troops home from Iraq


The Georgian aggression against South Ossetia

MOSCOW, August 11 (RIA Novosti) - U.S. military aircraft have flown 800 Georgian troops and a number of armored vehicles back home from Iraq amid an armed conflict in breakaway South Ossetia, a senior Russian military official said on Monday.

NBC reported on Monday that U.S. military transport planes had started to bring all the Georgian troops deployed in Iraq back home.

"U.S. aircraft have made eight flights to bring Georgian troops home from Iraq," Col. Gen. Anatoly Nogovitsyn said.


War victim trapped in basement with son’s body


The Georgian aggression against South Ossetia

A woman is trapped in the basement of her bombed-out house in Tskhinvali after Georgia launched a ferocious missile attack early on Friday. RT contacted Paisia Sytnik by phone. She told us the body of her dead 20-year-old son was beside her.

The planes are bombing us. I am sitting here is the basement. Fire is raging above us. Let somebody come and help us. Where are the peacekeepers? I am sitting here with other people. My son has been killed. Why nobody comes to save us? We’ve got people sitting here,” Taisia Sytnik said.


It was a nice blooming sity


The Georgian aggression against South Ossetia

Tskhinval before ... (photos)


How they fool the world


The Georgian aggression against South Ossetia

Here are just a couple out of numerous facts of disinformation and lies coming from Georgian and western media.

Only blind people can’t see the similarities on these three pictures shown on all major TV channels in America and Europe

The “poor guy” was yelling without his shirt on. Then he decided to change his clothes and start the theatre act once again (or may be the other way around) but for some reason in a different location.


Mr.Saakashvili is a man!


The Georgian aggression against South Ossetia

The Georgian nation's leader who ordered his troops to level South Ossetia and kill all it's population is a very brave guy.
Look at him over here.
There is just a small problem - nobody knows what he has seen in the sky. But I am guessing a pretty birdy was flying by and it pooped on him...
Anyway, it would be much better if he represented Georgia at the Olympics in running...

Poor dear Georgians...




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