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Материалы за 11.08.2008 » Осетия и Осетины :: Алания, Аланы, Северная Осетия


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Experts disagree over Georgia-Ossetia conflict

Раздел: The Georgian aggression against South Ossetia  


Political analysts and experts from Russia and abroad give their opinions on the armed conflict between Georgia and its breakaway republic of South Ossetia.

‘US is behind Georgia's military build-up’

The U.S. is responsible for the militarisation of Georgia, providing it with finance and weapons, says Chairman of the Russia's State Duma Security Committee Vladimir Vasilyev.

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Georgia resumes shelling the South Ossetian capital

Раздел: The Georgian aggression against South Ossetia  


The fighting in South Osstian capital, Tskhinvali, is continuing with Georgian troops once again entering the city. There are reports that Georgian Special Forces have been throwing grenades into basements where women and children are sheltering.

Georgian soldiers are also reportedly trying to take control of a road leading from Tskhinvali to the Russian republic of North Ossetia.

RT correspondent Mikhail Lebedev is just a mile outside the city. He says: "Tskhinvali is in flames. You can see smoke coming from all over the place. Civilian buildings and the building of the South Ossetian authorities are penetrated by gunfire and artillery fire".

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Просмотров: 2255 | Автор: admin | Дата: 11 августа 2008 



Georgia's Saakashvili commits war crimes against humanity

Раздел: The Georgian aggression against South Ossetia  


A surprise military offensive by Georgia, a staunch U.S. ally, to retake the breakaway province of South Ossetia reportedly killed hundreds of people Friday, triggering a ferocious counterattack from Russia that threatened to plunge the region into full-scale war.

Moscow, which has close ties to South Ossetia, sent a column of tanks rolling into South Ossetia and reportedly attacked two Georgian air bases as it moved to assert itself as the dominant regional power.
As night fell, there were wildly conflicting claims as to who held the battlefield advantage.

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Просмотров: 1990 | Автор: admin | Дата: 11 августа 2008 



NATO encouraged Georgia – Russian envoy

Раздел: The Georgian aggression against South Ossetia  


Russia’s envoy to NATO, Dmitry Rogozin, has sent an official note to representatives of all member countries in Brussels in connection with Georgia’s military actions against South Ossetia. He’s calling on them not to support Mikhail Saakashvili.

Russia has already begun consultations with the ambassadors of the NATO countries and consultations with NATO military representatives will be held tomorrow," Rogozin said. "We will caution them against continuing to further support of Saakashvili."

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Просмотров: 2396 | Автор: admin | Дата: 11 августа 2008 



Russia says Georgian forces expelled from S.Ossetian capital

Раздел: The Georgian aggression against South Ossetia  


MOSCOW, August 9 (RIA Novosti) - Russia's peacekeeping command said on Saturday the country's troops have driven Georgian forces from the capital of the separatist republic of South Ossetia.

"Tskhinvali has been fully liberated," a spokesman said.

The city has suffered major destruction since the start of Georgia's ground and air onslaught that began early on Friday. Russia says 1,500 people have so far died in the violence, and 30,000 South Ossetians have fled across the border into Russia.

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Просмотров: 2435 | Автор: admin | Дата: 11 августа 2008 



Save Ossetia from the genocide that Georgia is trying to accomplish

Раздел: The Georgian aggression against South Ossetia  


Stop the genocide!

From 1989-1990, the fascist, nationalist government of Georgia has been trying to wipe out the native Ossetian people from their territory. Since 1991, resulting from these actions, thousands of people have suffered from Georgia’s attempt at ethnic cleansing, including Ossetians, Abhazians, Armenians, and Russians. At the same time, this genocide is being silenced by western propaganda. The genocide attempts of the Georgian government can be compared to those of Hitler’s Nazi’s Holocaust during WWII. The Georgian government constantly tries to use media to manipulate its citizens into thinking that they are a superior race.

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Просмотров: 2035 | Автор: admin | Дата: 11 августа 2008 



Shelled city is living hell

Раздел: The Georgian aggression against South Ossetia  


Thousands of South Ossetians are trapped in the ruins of a city almost destroyed by Georgian missiles. The remaining residents of Tskhinvali are huddled in cellars beneath bombed-out buildings. They are struggling to survive - without water, food or electricity.

The death toll in Georgia’s breakaway republic has reached at least 2,000, according to Russian and South Ossetian sources. Georgian officials deny the figure is that high.

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Просмотров: 2343 | Автор: admin | Дата: 11 августа 2008 



Talks possible only after Georgians pull out - Russia

Раздел: The Georgian aggression against South Ossetia  


Another UN Security Council session on the situation in South Ossetia has wrapped up in New York. Russia says it's not refusing to start talks with Georgia but believes negotiations can only be possible when Georgia pulls out its troops from South Ossetia and commits itself to a non-use of force agreement.

Georgia has called for humanitarian and diplomatic intervention from the UN Security Council members “to stop aggression coming from Russia.”

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Просмотров: 1857 | Автор: admin | Дата: 11 августа 2008 



Куба заявила, что поддерживает действия России в Южной Осетии

Раздел: Грузинская агрессия против Южной Осетии  


МОСКВА, 11 авг - РИА Новости. Куба поддерживает действия России в Южной Осетии, заявил президент латиноамериканского государства Рауль Кастро, сообщает агентство Рейтер.

Кастро поддержал требование России к Грузии без каких бы то ни было условий вывести войска из Южной Осетии.

"Это ложь, что Грузия защищает свой национальный суверенитет. Требование от агрессора вывести войска справедливо, и наше правительство поддерживает его", - сказал Кастро.

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Просмотров: 3283 | Автор: admin | Дата: 11 августа 2008 



Лукин: нужно создать трибунал для тех, кто приказал разрушить Цхинвали

Раздел: Грузинская агрессия против Южной Осетии  


МОСКВА, 10 авг - РИА Новости. Уполномоченный по правам человека в России Владимир Лукин предлагает создать специальный международный трибунал для наказания тех, кто отдал приказ разрушить Цхинвали.

По словам Лукина, правозащитный аспект в ситуации вокруг Юдной Осетии - самый главный.

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Просмотров: 2610 | Автор: admin | Дата: 11 августа 2008 


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